Thursday, November 26, 2009

I've been sitting here trying to figure out a title to this blog and I realised I really can't put a name to what I want to say so I guess I'll just go with the flow.
A friend of mine is very much involved in a guy, they are seeing a whole lot of themselves and though she says they are not dating, I do not have a better word to describe what they have going on. They spend loads of time in the car parked right in front of her house, at other times they are in a restaurant not too far from her house. At any material time they are never more than a 2 mile radius from her house. I asked her why they were 'always' in the car and she threw the question back at me. Long after she fell asleep it had me thinking.. what does dating really entail.I started thinking up scenarios.
The guy lives alone and the chic lives with her parents right? so they both get back from work around 7 pm( let's say both parties work on the island) .. ok so after work where do they meet?
  1. Do they meet in the girl's house? in her living room with her parents sitted, all watching "network news" (me thinks there would be alot of akward moments plus no 'chance' for kissing and canoodling) Also, what do you do for food? Do you eat dinner made in the chic's house, by the mummy, the younger ones, or the househelp? Do you sit in the living room after work every day and get asked "Uncle Yemi, we made beans and plantain this night, would you like me to dish you some?"
  2. Do they sit in the car? and neck all night long? how much of talking can they do in the car 7 days a week, 4 weeks a month, 12 months a year!! ( argggghhhh!!)
  3. Do they go out from one 'joint' to another? Eating, cinema, bar hopping, throw in a little karaoke, a little opera or the random stage play or the other odd thing.
Take for instance both the chic and the guy live in their respective parents' houses, do you sit and bond with the guy's family ( and this is the dating stage oh.. not the girlfriend forming-ive been married into the family- you just dont know it yet -sort ooo) do you sit in the living in room and help guy's mum do her zipper? and remember if you are there too long one day you will hear " Erm, Lande dear, please quickly boil rice for Zachary and Peter, I'm running late for the Women's league meeting"
Meanwhile on a totally unrelated note, so on tuesday at work, a colleague of mine brouht out her lunch, very nice looking jollof rice, we all commented that the rice was nice o, and we all asked where she got it from, she said "From home" . Me and my big mouth, i proceeded to ask ( knowing she stays with her brother) "does your brother have a cook?" and next thing she says "Yes!!" Then she says "my brother's girlfriend, she cooks now, she cooks for my brother and I now so is she not a cook?" Ah.. I was shocked, honestly if na me be the chic, one day i go put rat poison inside the younger sister food true!! imagine calling her brother's girlfriend a cook because the poor girl is nice enough to make the odd dinner or 2.
Anyway, back to my problem of what dating entails.
I think it would be better for all parties if the guy lives alone right? so if he lives alone you can just go and hang in his house right? and avoid all the drama of where we stay, and what we do where! Because really, the 'toasting' stage with the phone calls and all start to wear thing after you guys start dating proper and then what???
What does dating entail?? Sitting in the car, or in the house? whose house? where will the parents be?do you chill in the guy's room? is the home flexible enough to allow visitors into the bedrooms? if you decide to chill in the living room then, will other family members get up and leave you two love birds to just be............
Or will you in the case of somepeople go from place to place to place to place, every night leaving your 'regulars' mark on every footmat!

Please explain to me.

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  1. Every couple will do what works for them but I'll go for the number 3. Find some joints and hang out, paying for a drink or two is not that expensive. Or look for free parks or go for a walk in your neighbourhood. If you hang in the guys house or bedroom, you may be giving chance for what you're not ready for yet.