Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Essential Or Accessory

Often i wonder, what does it all mean
To be a part of something true and real
What does it mean to be an integral part of it
I have come to realise that it would not work if im not in it
I am an essential part of it.
Because of me, there is a balance in my home
Because of me, there is a balance in my work place
Because of me, it hasnt fallen to pieces
What does it mean to be an accessory,
I am an enhancer, i am merely an appendage
True, I make the substance more beautiful
But oh well... surely i am not indispensible
Am i the source of the balance? or am i?
Just an accessory to the balance in place.
Will i be missed sorely?
Am i dispensible?
Am i an essential or an accessory.
It is important to realise that u can never be one of these at every material time
To one u may be an essential and to another u may be an accessory
It doesnt make it all bad.. No, it merely emphasizes the diversity in the world.
To each his own.
All that matters is that in whatever role you are playing, be good at it.
A neccessary Essential, a neccesary Accessory


  1. " each his own"
    nice one, miss Eknor!

  2. The last line sums it up. Make yourself necessary to those that matter. Well thought out write-up. Thanks for sharing.