Wednesday, October 7, 2009


He walks by and i feel the chills to the tip of my toes
Barely sparing me a glance
What's that fragrance he wears? who knows?
Is it made in France?
Why do i feel him always so close?
Or is it just me in a trance
My heart feels like its choking me
The magnitude of what I'm feeling
is almost incomprehensible
Even to me,
Surely there has to be some meaning to this feeling
Its unreciprocated, Its incomprehensible
Yet it refuses to free me of its grasp
Im walking around with thoughts that someday,
he will just turn around and see me
I walk around in this maze,refusing to see the truth
Im almost invisible to him, yet i hold on
In my sane moments of course,
I realise that it leads to no where
But i refuse to acknowlege that he is not the one for me
Maybe, just maybe I'll out grow it
Maybe I'll out grow him
Maybe I'll just look back and laugh
But now........ all i am is enchanted,
by this crush of mine