Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Beginnings

It's almost the end of January and here I am visiting my blog for the first time in 2012. It's never too late to say Happy New Year is it? oh well.. I hope the year started on a good note for all of you. The end of 2011 was incredibly tough for me as I had to grow up and open my eyes and see what the future had for me. I mean I'm always talking about doing things but never actually getting up to do it. As you know, I've started writing more and more and it's been incredibly exhilarating (abeg make una nor mind the spelling) but I never thought to do anything more than just writing but you see sometimes God puts things right in front of us and we just look away from it and we keep asking him to bless us. IT's a miracle that God is ever so patient with us sef. I mean, you keep saying he should bless you, He puts the basket of blessings in front of you and you don't even look at it. Lesson number one from today's post... When you're praying to God, don't pray in isolation, be extremely sensitive to his leading and unction. Writing isn't just a hobby, it's now a means of putting bread on my table and for this I am eternally grateful. Lesson number 2. Do not be afraid of taking risks. I am the worst person to be giving this advice cos besto calls me an over thinker and over thinkers are not by nature risk takers because they keep thinking of all the reasons why they shouldn't jump off the cliff. Well, I decided at the end of last year to take the leap off the ledge of the comfort of 9 to 5 and into the world of the unknown... i haven't landed on soft mattress yet oh... but hey... it's sink or swim or jam my head against a rock and I sure as hell am going to do everything to swim. Lesson number 3. When you are asking God to bless you, you have to be ready to receive the blessings. If you ask God to give you a husband and he hasn't answered you yet, it's probably because you are not yet the perfect wife for the dude he's arranging for you. If you're asking for a bigger car, you have to get that car park ready... I'm so overwhelmed by the amount of work I have to do. my deliverables are mounting and I am afraid I am ill-equipped to cope.. but neh... I will do it. One story at a time, one synopsis at a time and I shall do it So that enough with the lessons. The good people at have published two of my pieces this year... Whoop woop... and I don't know when I'll stop being excited that people actually read stuff I write... maybe never. The links are here and Anyway.. let's toast to new beginnings and completions too Have a fab year ahead,