Monday, November 23, 2009


I was going to type this yesterday ( sunday) morning because the subject of my rant had just happend and I was angry.. but seeing as I was on my way to church I felt, "not let the venom spil your time of worship with the Lord" oh so I let it pass. Offcourse as I drove to church I thought about it all the way and I kept telling myself .."let it go"

Ok so I officially hate any of my friends that is in a happy-oh goodie-he makes my feet tingle- bloody -happy relationship right now!

It's bad enough that I do not have a man , I mean do you have to rub my "alone-ness" in my face?
3 things have happend in the last 1 month that have made me feel this way, because normally I'm perfectly happy with my life and I normally am not bothered about man or lack of being in a relationship, for me being with my brother and sister-in-law ( the sum total of my human relationship scale), being with my laptop, with fast internet and a TV series which wont end anytime soon helps, and offcourse a once a week update of gossip is just enough to keep me rolling ..( Dont ask about the sex part jare.. I get on just fine!!)
Anyway so what happend, one day I was sitting at my desk in the office and my colleague comes to check something by my computer and she turns and asks me " Do you have a boyfriend" (yes she is in one .. so u know they love to display their ebulience and overjoy..i digress forgive me) to which I answered.. " no" She had this shocked look on her face like i just poured hot sticky 'amala' on her face.
Colleague: You are joking right
Me: No, do i look like a clown to you ( at this point i was getting ready to say.. ermm oya come and be going ooo)
Colleague: Erm but you have someone that is chasing you now *snorty laughter follow*
Me: ** with the straightest of experessions so i dont get another ' you are joking'*** No i dont have anyone "chasing" me.
Thinking she would know to drop it... ah.. I was wrong she proceeded with another aghast ( for lack of a better way to describe it) look..
Colleague: WHY?????

At this point I had to make a mental note to rant .. but I did not. I smiled and I said, well i dont know why?? and I changed the topic.

Incident 2.
I went to my friend's house and I saw her sister.. also my friend. ( recently 'acquired' a boyfriend as I have been given to the impression that there is a store where these things are picked up and I am simply refusing to navigate myself and SJ there to grab a copy). So my friend's sister, lets call her TY proceeds to regale me on the 'beautifulness'( for lack of a better word) of the world since she met her man. Yes let me quickly give you a quick background into YT.. abi na TY i wan call am sef.. ehen!
TY and I are about the same age and both manless( at some point ) anyway, so now life is all pink and yellow ooo since the advent of this boy. I really dont mind your happiness.. really I dont ( maybe if i say really many times you will believe me right) but what i mind is you letting me not get a word in edgewise about any other thing.. I mean we were watching Phoebe and Joey fool around and everything they did brought up how Mr. Sunshine was this and that. It took all my strenght not to grab a bucket to puke in.
Really I'm not hating but if you are happy..we don hear na.. I mean I knew in the first 45 minues of her speech that the guy was awesome, fabulous, this that.. ok na e don do!!!!! I had to leave earlier than normal, it was that bad, I did not mind sitting in traffic and listening to radio and having 'gala' traders poke their merchandise in my face.
Happy people can be so irritating and insensitive sometimes jare!!

Incident 3
On Saturday I asked my friend who by the way is in an undefined 'relationship' if she would come with me to see my cousin in NYSC Camp oo, to which she willingly agreed. So on sunday morning i send her a text asking if we should go for 8 am services in our respective churches so we can have the day to go to iyana-ipaja, to which she replies..... argghh im so angry just rememebreing it now that I dont think I can even tell you guys her reply. In short she made alternative plans with her man ( and she was not even curteous enough to tell me that I'd been bumped for a man)and she now asked if she could come after all her waka...
Kpshewww.. I was just angry. It made me realise, girls are so undependable when they are in relationships and they want you to cry with them when the men leave them abi??
I was really angry. I know I know i sound like a hater.. but really....why can't I come before the boy.. and guess what they were doing? they were going to goto church together? I mean come oooooonnnnnn( im really screaming as i type this!!!!!) Did you not know you were planning to go to church with your man before agreeing to hang with you lonely ass friend???

Anyway.. please no one should come near me and tell me they are happy manwise ooo... because if they do honestly I can say something incredibly rude!!

Ehen, on a totally unrelated note, there's this boy whom i know who was nagging me on saturday on what I planned to do all day to which I replied "nothing" and he said.. "dont u have chores?"
I said "Chores bawo?, what sort of chores"
Man: House chores now, washing your clothes, cleaning your house, washing your car"
Me: No house chores, i clean my house regularly i dont wait for an even, my clothes are at the lanudry, Hart in the office will wash SJ on monday and the dogs have been fed by Tope
Man: Na wa for you oo u no even wan do anything na everything you don pay for

Abeg oo.. someone should help me ask the man if it his money I used to do those things and if he believes it makes me less of a "good woman" to know how to create employment opportunities for people.After all dont people send their agreements my way to review??

yeye people in this annonying world!!

Have a nice week oh jare correct peeps in blogville!


  1. lol...i feel your
    wasn't suppossed to come out that

    hmmm, its either you get into a relationship asap or you show how fun your life is without a guy in it...

    Almost every lady would like to be in your shoes at one time or the other...cause they'll see you enjoying life without baggage (a guy)

  2. Rant over, it can get annoying I guess when happy people want to rub it in your face. I hope you won't turn to these same people when you get your own man, all lovey dovey and all... LOL

    As for the guy, is he chasing you then? Which one be im own?

  3. Honestly... what is his deal???

  4. i feel u o jare, some girls have bf's and dump their gf's and immediately bf messes up of course its back to gf shoulders to cry on and God forbid gf shd say anything bad abt bf bcos when they reconcile...

    many yrs my last relationship SB was always on and on abt me putting my gf's first and i was like "but they were here first o"

    i miss u o and church and SJ and evrything sef so i will continue to stalk ur blog. kisses!

  5. Neo.. I miss you to bits. It's unbelievable what a little time can do and to think we had 5 years together and did nothing with it. was almost in tears as I read the Review on sunday!