Monday, December 7, 2009

Of Debuts and Self-Discovery

My friend and colleague recently got signed on to G-mail and was curious as to what to write in the little box that says 'Status Update', since I was very unhelpful with my suggestions she went on to write "Debut". I found this quite apt. It was her first time on the g-talk and gmail and there she was going all around looking for people who had G-mail so she could add them to her chat list. Debut can be quite exciting i thought.. but not all the time. Last week friday, there was a gospel concert show called The Experience which has been running annually for the past 4 years.So, I decided to go, my debut at the Experience I called it. I was indeed going to have an Experience. First I did not drive, no way was I going to subject myself to the maddening traffic of lagos Island on a day when a free show was being organized, with 'area boys' all over the place and then parking would be another issue.. hence... I decided to take the BRT bus. Another Debut, as I had never been on those things and they'd been around for more than 15 months now. My debut ride on the BRT was not fun o!!! I had heard tales of how the bus was airconditioned and was just like London buses.. I was in for a rude shock. I had to stand all the way to TBS( The venue of the show) and then, the bus was soo hot.... I felt like I was back in Bwari... it was hot, people just kept chatting and it just did my head in!!! I could notr scream, I was having a break down there and then. It was going to get worse. Getting down at TBS and having to mill through the crowds had me thinking " You know you are not cut out for all these freebie things oh" but i trudged on, people pressing at me at all sides, traders calling out to you "Experience Gala, Experience Don Moen... Buy your whistle, Jesus is lord poster".. Some people were even selling jollof rice.. I kept praying that I would just get inside and find a seat. I did get a seat alright.. on the bleachers ( for what else will I call it? bleachers is the tush name for that concrete stone we sat on oh!) Apparently, getting to the venue at 5.30pm for a 7pm show was not good enough. Some people apparently had been sitting there since 12 noon, thats why they got choice seats . I thought " To see CeCe Winans no do me reash like this ooo, make I con siddon for here since 12 noon? Tufiakwa!!!" Anyway, my debut at the Experience was not a nice one oh, the whistling, cat calls, beagle blowing and sing-along did not allow me have a nice debut, I left at 8.30pm. The lure of my bed and the comfort of home over took the desire to have an Experience.
I also had another debut last week.I got a query from my direct boss, asking why such a clerical task that had been assigned to me was so demanding. It was coming I knew but I guess it just didnt leave me feeling as 'i dont care really' as I thought it would. I actually felt really bad about it and I still do. I dont like getting into the bad books of anyone and it really was not nice. I apologized though and I really wish this feeling would go away. It makes me sad...

Anyway, so I'm blogging and it should make me happy right???

So on self discovery.
I went for a training last week and I made some interesting self discoveries.
I am mediocre. Nothing more than you regular Jane Average. Nothing exciting gets me excited, I am booring and dry and .... this is beggining to sound like a dirge.
Ok enough of the sad and dreary stuff for the morning. Let me get back to work or any pretence of it whatsoever!


  1. U went? what happened to our plan. Darling u are anything but mediocre okay, never forget that. xoxo

  2. Cheer up dearie, it's not all bad. Someone else I know also left the experience. They didn't even get seats at all. Happy holidays OK? Take care.

  3. Yes blogging ought to make you happy..
    Keep your head up yea.