Saturday, November 14, 2009

Smoking Joe

So Smoking Joe is the name my office people have given a nice "guy" that has been helping me get to work. This "guy" is a red Mazda 626 ,1986 model. It is a 2-door coupe which has been in my family for years. As in............yearrrrrrrz!So the car was a "house" car and then my sister used it and then finally the baton was passed to me. Smoking Joe ( hereinafter referred to as SJ) does not actually "smoke" but well it just seemed like a fit name for the car.
Every week SJ has an issue i have to deal with, either the clutch plate or the brake, or the kickstarter.... I mean something just has to go wrong with SJ. Sometimes SJ is so ill It has to be on admission. Weeks with the mechanic, and then it comes back with a different illness. SJ is really old, it needs to be put down, but how can I put it down when I have no replacement. I mean, SJ has its uses oo. For instance, sundays, going to church is made possible by SJ, if perhaps i want to hang out with friends, offcourse ill need a ride home afterwards? SJ is there. Ofcourse sometimes I have to park far away 'cos SJ is just so darned ugly. I mean the bumper is being held together by some flimsy wires.
Recently, I bought speakers to make the ride manageable and endurable, seeing as their is no airconditioning and I drive for long stretches at a time. At least some music to bop my head to helps.
So you all know what my christmas wish is right???

If i have to spell it out then maybe you should not be reading my blog ooooo...............

Have a lovely weekend peeps!

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  1. U wont mention how u used to floss with SJ back then o! Hmn, but i feel u dear. Refer to my post "My love affair with Chukwuma"