Monday, February 22, 2010

Role reversal and this generation

I have been trying to update my blog in over a month. There is no excuse, I have simply been lazy. Pure and simple, no two words... mere laziness! Today I read and Tolu Ogunlesi had posted an article, I read one yesterday and when I saw another one at dawn this morning I knew.. I'd been slacking with my blogging.

So here I am.. blogging again. I've had a lot of things whirling around in my head, a lot of things have confused me and made me wonder. One of such mind boggling things is the role reversal between the husband and the wife in this generation.

In the day and age of my mummy and daddy ( hehehe.. thats sounds soo five-year old)the daddy provided for the household and the mummy took care of the children.Sometimes the mummy did both... worked and still found the time to slap us aroud for breaking her pyrex.. but still there was the primary daddy provided and mummy spent arrangement...
Fastforward to 2010... mummy and daddy work.. daddy asks mummy for her contribution to house rent... (excuse me to let out an expletive here) WTF?????????????? So not only does mummy work, and contribute to providing for the family or even in some cases.. mummy is the Sole Provider...Daddy wants to still exercise his rights as daddy...

Me thinks once I start bringing half of the rent and I start paying for petrol in the generator ( and no not one a one-off situation.. when it becomes regular) .. me thinks then you lose the locus standi to expect that dinner be served at 7pm, or even expect that I come and rub your toes and tummy at my inconvenience. I am sorry, I am old school. I see no reason why if our roles are now reversed you should not take the role of cooking, or going shopping for household things... yes... after all I'm busting my caps all week long to have enough money that you will spend... and then i should come and do you a pedicure? no way jose!!!
And what is this busines of what's your money is mine and my money is yours? Please NO! that was in the day of our parents.. now let everybody hold their money!!!

So I know there is a place for being a supportive wife and all that, that's understandable, but please men should stop taking these things for granted.

I think, this generation is just warped and they have it all twisted.
I want a loving and supportive man, a man who would be considerate and not collect my money ( seeing as I've been driving to and from lekki in traffic all week), a man who would appreciate my efforts, who would provide for me( yes, thats the role of a man.. if u dont like it ..sue God...!!!!)and basically a man who would make me bless God for him and bless him all the days of our lives.

All this nonsense of role reversal is just wrong. Men, step up to the plate and bear that name "Man" with dignity!


  1. LOL, please you better move into the 21st century and bring those men with you who want to eat their cake and have it too. Nowadays, everyone has to chip in. Women pay for rent and men do house work. As far as the books balance, everyone is happy.

  2. OH my friend! let evryone hold their money ke? shebi we were dragging the trouser, now they have given us one leg we cannot complain o! Seriously tho i advocate equal rights in the home! As i am helping out in the corporate world u can like to help me pound yam while i make the soup na? nes pas?

  3. That is my point, you can't expect us to jointly foot the bills and in a matter-of-fact way still be telling me "I'm your husband and my word is law".. mba... that one i no go gree!!! As my money is entering diesel and rent money then, there is no Husband, there is no Wife... just partners!!!! Period!!!

  4. I think what's being said is that if I have to foot 50% of the bills, then I'll be having 50% of the word!