Saturday, February 27, 2010

Holy God

I often wonder about worshipping God, and I realize that I do not do it nearly enough. I know I pray and I know when I pray I feel a certain connection with God, I believe he hears me but then, I realize that with worship, I don't do it nearly enough. I mean for a God who is awesome in all His awesomeness I don't worship enough. When I'm in church yes, I believe that the songs and the ambiance and the dimming of lights and the fellowship of brethren does take me to another realm and I able to completely fall, let go of my person, myself and let go to the Deity who gives me life. I realize that I seem to only get to that place, that peak of worship when I'm in church, when I'm being led to worship. However, I have not been to church this year.. I mean, its 2 months into the new year and I have not been able to connect on the level I desire. I was once in church and the pastor said, it's not the songs that should lead you to worship, it's you, it's the spirit. I have been able to pray, I have been able to praise, I have been able to give thanks, but I have not been able to worship.

What is a life without worship? It's empty. An empty life is what it is... nothing.

I do not want to live an empty life, I want to be able to worship the God who made me, who called me to being, because the truth is, without HIM, I'm but a speck of dust.

Today as I type, I am listening to a song by Donnie Mclurkin, and I think I have unlocked the key to my private worship of God.
The song goes;

Only you are holy
Only you are worthy
Only you are wonderful
For there’s no one else like you
Who is faithful, ever true
All my love, my heart, my life
Is a testimony
Only you are holy

And there, it came to me... I need to focus on the holiness of God and the fact that there is absolutely none like Him. God has proven Himself to me time and time and time and time again.. indeed all my life is a testimony to him. Who am I not to fall before the awesome, holy presence of such a being... Holy, in whom there is no imperfection. A God so awesome, so great that none can compare. I need to just remember that He is HOLY, free of blemish, before whom I can not stand, before whom I am nothing, without whom I do not exist.

He is Holy, God is holy, faithful and true. I will worship HIM at all times. I need to remain focused, remember that ONLY HE IS HOLY, FAITHFUL, EVER TRUE, THE ONLY WISE GOD, THE OMNIPOTENT, THE ONE WHO CALLS THAT WHICH IS NOT AS THOUGH THEY WERE. HOLY, HOLY HOLY.


  1. i loved this, i often struggle to get into a place of worship, i fear i might be singin too loud and disturbin my flatmates. i miss enugu that campus was huge i would go to the fields and scream my lungs out, i didnt care, it was just me and Him. Lately tho there is this song that gets me there it has this line that goes "Your grace has found me just as i am, empty handed but alive in ur hands..."

  2. There is none like Him, none can compare to the Lord. He is indeed the Holy God.