Monday, June 22, 2009

Tribute to Emmanuel B

I don’t believe that my “godiya” is gone
I don’t believe that I will dial his number and I will not hear that mischievous laughter
I don’t believe that my trips to Abuja will no longer have the zest Emma gave to them
But this is what I believe;

Emma, You touched my life in so many ways
You gave and gave and kept giving
I believe God wanted you with Him
I am never going to forget you
I hope that someday when I am gone
I will be remembered for good
Because I remember you, Emma, For good, only GOOD
You were a bright and shiny light
This light was snuffed out and short lived
But the memories of the light
And the illumination you gave in the short time will stay
Stay for a very, very long time

This is no mere Eulogy
This is a word of hope
For all who read
Let your light so shine before men
That they may see Christ in You
In all your ways acknowledge HIM
And HE shall direct your path
Live each day as if it was your last,
Have fun, make merry
Touch lives in the most positive of ways
So that at the end of it all
When we go, it would all have made sense

I miss you so much,
I thought I would never get over it
I am not sure I have gotten over it,
But God has been faithful to us all
God has been our strength
God has soothed where we hurt
He has calmed when we were anxious
God has been faithful.
Rest darling, because you are safe within the bosom of our LORD Jesus

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