Thursday, February 26, 2009

The joys of Talk

Sometime in my earlier adult life, I had a BFF!! Yes what some people call best friends foreva a.k.a bestoes! She lived less than 10 mins away from me and we would stay on the phone talking for hours.. yes literarily HOURS!! the part that amzes me the most about it is that somewhere..3 hours into the phone call she would say " do u know what... I'm coming to ur house" and i wonder.. why did we run up all that bill on the phone if we were still going to see that evening or even the very next day! We talked about everything from politics to bad roads to .. yes you guessed ..BOYS!!! ahh the joys of talking about boys and which one we wanted and which one we did NOT want!!! (i digress...)
..but this is what I learnt from that time... Communication is the best thing in any and every relationship! Because there is no way you can know about the other person except you talk about what is going on with the other person.
There is no other way to be better friends, better colleagues, better mentors, better lovers than by communication. Sometimes its easier for both parties to talk for hours because it makes the relationship healthier. Imagine how it would be if all parents were best friends with their kids, do u know there would be little or no family issues?
When was the last time you talked about an issue you have with someone??
It is very healthy you know...
I wish for the times when i can talk with my BFF for hours but i guess i will have too just take what i get with some 5 minutes here or there.
The important thing is....

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