Friday, February 27, 2009


As I lie awake in the wee hours of the morning I am just grateful to be alive. have played absolutely no part in the process of falling asleep and being able to wake up again.But somehow I am awake. It is definately God!!! I am not one of those people that say "oh .. some higher being up there".. Nope.. It's just God in HIS great AWESOME-NESS. My thoughts slowly drift from the Supreme Being to what lies ahead of me today. The weekend is about to start but the feelings it evokes are not one of relief but the fact that there are so many things to do with so little time to do it... like making my hair for starters. I have been thinking about what to do to my hairlike its some life changing decision. I dont want to stay too long sitting at one salon having the skin of my scalp( is there anything like that??) being twisted and turned into all shapes and things, at the same time... i wanna look nice!!! Go figure... No Pain No Gain .. isnt that what they say? As i type this i am expecting some rush of enlightenment as to what to make but ..inaaa( as the hausa's say) Nothing!!
The next thing that flutters around my head is the kind of despair that awaits me in the NYSC orientation camp. I have prayed it away, I have willed it away, I have cursed it away, thought it away..a nd i am just one step away from writing a petition to the House to have the whole process scrapped but alas, all to no avail. Come tuesday I'll go to Iyana-'paja!!! Argghh!!!
Why does everyone keep saying i'll get used to it like ill get used to lack of civilization. Argghhhh!!! Do they make beasts out of men in those camps?
I try to find a lighter thought... tick tick tick... still scanning for a lighter thought but none seems forthcoming. NYSC has ruined my morning bliss. Maybe I should try and sleep again. Slip back into the cover of oblivious bliss till sunrise, reality, work and its demands.
Yes i guess thats what i'll do. Pray to God for sleep.

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