Monday, June 22, 2015

A Song for the Puppet

See how they cry out for me
Hear how they call my name
The look on their faces
Fear of heartbreak

My people are hurting
Their souls bleed
From longing and fear
Oh so desperate

Save us will you
Help us, you should
I shudder at the mantle
Office, staff, seal

The weight, the burden
Lead us, great one
Their voices raised
In adulation, nay, worship

Out of the murk and mire
Buried in corruption, steeped in poverty
Their eyes fill with hope
Mine, trepidation

100 days in office
Campaign promises lie still
Unfulfilled, empty, bare
Still I strive, pressing

My friends, officers,
Let’s move this nation forward
Not yet, the coffers need to be emptied
Personal gratification above all

This is not what we said
I look inwards
Nothing. Vapid. Puppet.
A leader must be something

A Voice for the people
Who called you to be that?
We installed you
Get busy. Dig. Empty the accounts.

The streets are empty but not quite
I don’t see them.
They cry for me, but not as before
Now they wail.

Sorrow, deep and piercing
My people have lost all faith
I hurt too. I am weak
We are all powerless

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