Sunday, March 15, 2015

My Friends Keep Pushing Boundaries! Laolu Senbanjo at the SXSW | 9elumi & the Endometriesis run

So my friends are basically kicking ass left right and centre! When 9elumi started talking about giving awareness to the Endometriesis condition, I thought 'how does she want to go about this?' I mean, it's not something a lot of people know about. Many of the by-products of having endometriesis is usually overlooked by our people. Protracted and painful periods? Well suck it up... you're an African woman. Don't be lazy. That amongst other things made her decide to organise a run. She contacted the guys at Truppr and they're going to give out free yellow t-shirts to create awareness. Little woolen keepsakes will be sold at the run too. The money will be collected and sent to an existing endometriesis research place. Pretty impressive!

If you're in Nigeria and you wanna register for the run, visit

Another of my friends, Laolu Senbanjo is a creative genius. He is a lawyer (hey... all cool people are aren't we?)

Anyway, he got into the SXSW FESTIVAL!!!

No seriously... it is a big deal! He is an artist and an artiste! The afromysterics band, and Laolu are going to be performing under the world music line up {check out the schedule here}

I interviewed Laolu some years ago on BN... I'll look for the link and upload it here. Really, he's 'cool peoples' and his song"Love Before" is one of my absolute favourites in the whole wide world.

The write up from the press release is right after the photos.

Laolu is about to head from New York City with his band, the Afromysterics to Austin, TX to South by Southwest, alongside fellow Afro Artists Ayo and Rafiya.  Only a year old, this is the band’s first SXSW performance. 
Laolu will be performing at Speakeasy Kabaret (412 N Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78701) at 10:30 pm Thursday March 19, 2015.  The showcase is presented by Digiwaxx and powered by OkayAfrica.   

Laolu & the Afromysterics / SXSW  DATES
03/19 – Austin, TX @ Speakeasy Kabaret

Laolu & the Afromysterics is the brain child of Laolu Senbanjo, a self-taught musician, visual artist and a human rights lawyer.  He’s the lead singer, composer, and the acoustic guitarist.  Born and raised in Nigeria to Yoruba parents, he left his legal career behind to chase his dream of being a musician and artist full time in New York City.  His band, the Afromysterics are made up of an eclectic group of musical geniuses from all over the globe.  With influences from the likes of Fela Kuti, King Sunny Ade, and Sade, the music definitely has its roots in the typical Yoruba traditions, yet Laolu blends in reggae, afrosoul, and hip hop into the songs.  You have to witness this band live to feel the African groove for yourself. 

Yeah... so my friends are doing things...

Me.. well... when you know cool people it just makes you wanna be more and do more.

These guys inspire me!

Now, go forth and kick some major butt!

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