Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday Morning

I saw a rainbow this morning and it made me smile. I had been mulling over thoughts of how this week would be in my usual monday morning sobriety and as such something as "little" as a rainbow peeking behind the clouds was enough to gladen my heart.The beginning of the week for me is usually a time of sober contemplation. What to achieve, where to go, who would I run into? what did I have planned... in the course of the week is usually paramount in my mind. Most times I'm looking forward to whatever it is I had pushed from the previous week. Hence, monday mornings have this aura of purpose around them. There is a drive, a solem-ness( is there a word like that??) that sorrounds you on a monday morning.
This drive, comes from sunday night when you have to start picking out what to wear for the week, what is appropriate for what day and what is not! Then you fall into a fitful sleep, not sure you actually want the weekend to end but knowing inevitably that at the crack of dawn you need to get up and go!In Lagos, monday mornings are charaterized with heavi-er traffic than normal. There is usually the traffic jam of rush hour on every other day but monday morning just crowns it.It's even worse on days when it has rained through out the weekend and you have to swim through the puddles in the roads. The deep craters on the highways make it more diffcult for motorists to move smoothly.So, your week actually begins with you muttering on the failures of the government and the frustrations of living within a system where nothing works. Maybe for some people, it does not happen that way, but for me... my monday mornings are usually dreary!! I have to make a conscious effort to find something, anything, to make me chirpy, so when I see a little end of a rainbow, peeking from behind the clouds, it makes me smile. I rememeber that God is up there looking at me and saying, " dont worry sweetness, I AM here ALL the time, and I make all things beautiful. Even dreary mondays!!!"

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